We’re in Transition


You’ve likely noticed that even though we are officially Community Living Trent Highlands, our website still reflects pre-amalgamation Community Livings in some sections. We appreciate your patience in this time of transition as we work to bring forward the best of all we do in the new form of Community Living Trent Highlands.

It will take some time to go through all of our processes - including our online presence - and hone the very best for our new agency. We have launched our new, amalgamated Twitter and Facebook pages, but are still in the process of streamlining our websites. Eventually we will be launching a brand new site for Community Living Trent Highlands.

In the meantime you may see our various names bandied about but rest assured our agency and our mission is one: To inspire respect and equality for people with an intellectual disability by promoting community knowledge, organizational excellence and individual quality of life.

Community Living Trent Highlands = Community Living Peterborough + Community Living Central Highlands
Community Living Central Highlands = Community Living Kawartha Lakes + Community Living Haliburton County

A Message from the Executive Director

“These are very exciting times for our new agency. It is a wondrous time of change and reflection about how to go for

ward in a consistent manner, suddenly everything can be new and we can take the time that is needed to ensure that we are moving forward with the best of all practices and ideas of the three former agencies. While the excitement is definitely softened by a healthy dollop of anxiety, there is definitely more positive energy than any other kind.

new-p4p-graphicBoard of Directors has had two meeting as the board of the new corporation and much time has been spent designing the structure and the vision of the new board and agency. Much work has begun reorganizing the management team, collective bargaining, harmonizing the operational policies, creating a new governance policy manual and working to build relationships and deep understanding of what is new. In addition to all this change is the hard work of deciding providers for our services to the new agency and the day to day operation of services ongoing in all three communities. In the spare minutes we continue to strive to innovate, expand service and create capacity.

While the board is invested in a fulsome review of the vision, mission and values of the agency in 2018, for now a single mission statement is needed for our transition the board has chosen the former mission of Community Living Peterborough: To inspire respect and equality for people with an intellectual disability by promoting: community knowledge, organizational excellence, and individual quality of life.

FOCUS 13-17

The board has decided given the upheaval of the amalgamation and the time it will take to really be accomplishing some items as the new agency, that the AGM will not be held this year, but instead will be held in June 2018 and will cover highlights of the amalgamation and its first year.

The Grand Opening of Community Living Trent Highlands will be in early fall. This will be a time that we can connect with all three communities. All three offices will be hosting simultaneous open houses with speeches at each live broadcasted to the others. This will be a celebration with food and a media event. We are working on a date with the Minister of Community Social Services, once we have that we will circulate invitations.

It is an adventure not for the faint of heart, but the rewards,lessons, relationships and deeper understanding of quality have already begun to strengthen us as a full team for the journey ahead.”


Teresa Jordan, Executive Director
Community Living Trent Highlands

Scent-Free Environment: Community Living Trent Highlands strives to provide a scent-free environment for its employees, volunteers and the people we support. When visiting our offices, locations or events, please refrain from wearing scented products such as perfume, cologne or hand creams. Thank you!

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